Crystal: completely transparent & unclouded.

Monolith: a geological feature such as a mountain, consisting of a single massive stone or rock, or a single piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument. In this case, the monolith represents the artist.

The idea of the group show is to showcase contemporary artists whose work is of a clear distinct voice and technical execution.
In a sense, the crystal monolith is a metaphor for the artist. Each one, in this show, demonstrate a self-less dedication to the larger visual voice they express.

Exhibiting Artists:

Jose Mertz
Johnny Robles
Ivanco Talevski
Charlie Immer
Morgan Blair
Destroy Rock City
Francesco LoCastro
Reinier Gamboa
Santiago Rubino
( others to be announced soon )

& special guest artists courtesy of private collectors.
for more information please check: www.morfiqstudio.com

Special thanks to: allcityprint.com, Cafeina Gallery & Francesco Locastro.

Limited Edition Products will be available for sale / Drinks will be available by Cafeina.